Tôi sẽ không làm những gì tôi không muốn. Vì thế làm ơn đừng quá đặt hy vọng về Akanishi Jin.

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Expecting Jin to mention KAT-TUN all the time is a bit too much. Should I expect KAT-TUN to still mention Jin in every single interview too? No one’s complaining about the latter. As usual, double standards.

Shouldn’t we at least take the occasion into consideration? It’s a live chat meant to celebrate his US debut. Bringing up KAT-TUN (or god forbid, Akame) is completely jarring and awkward, even for me as a loyal subject-hyphen hybrid. Has everyone forgotten how Jin was open to discussing KAT-TUN in Takki Channel, which was a far more appropriate setting? Yeah, I thought so.

To address shit going down when KAT-TUN (or their specific name, to put matters into a more accurate perspective) is consistently left out of other people’s mention of Jin’s successes e.g. PK’s Facebook statement, tbh I wish his publicist or whoever wrote those would be more tactful. But alas, we can’t expect KAT-TUN to be relevant to people in the US who aren’t already fans. If it really matters to you so much, well, KAT-TUN is acknowledged on Jin’s own official US website. RIGHT HERE.

What would other people say if he keeps bringing up KAT-TUN? That he isn’t independent enough, that he’s still stuck in a group mentality, that he still wants to ride on their fame. And then if he doesn’t, he’s an ungrateful asshole. I see how it is. To be quite honest, I’d rather he not bring up KAT-TUN too frequently because if he chose to be on his own, he better show that. And he damn well show that he is working hard and moving on.

Jin is debuting in America right now. AME-RI-CA. The land of dance music and clubbing and getting it on. He has a whole new audience to cater to, one who doesn’t give a hoot about some Asian dude who wrote touching Japanese ballads. As a newcomer I think it’s reasonable that they take the fun, catchy, sex-sells route because that’s most likely to get him out there to people who are not already fans. Success is crucial, and in order to do that he WILL need to cater to the general US audience. Think about it this way, he broke away from KAT-TUN precisely because he needs to walk a completely different path from them. If he left KAT-TUN and then turned out making something no different from what he was originally doing, what’s the whole point? To quote someone, making constant references to his “Japanese past” and the band he parted from, which has no relevance to the US audience, isn’t going to fly well.

Yes his PV is all about girls (whom I personally feel are portrayed as hot and fierce, not sleazy. If you’re going to slut-shame either way you’re not worth taking seriously imo.) and cars. It’s about “chasing a girl”. But this is also the guy who wrote songs like Pindom (about booze, curves and clubbing) AND sweet, intimate, earnest ballads like Body Talk at the same time (which, if I may point out, he wrote entirely on his own and is truly Jin-only) . This is a guy who loves girls (OMG SACRILEGE. WHY ISN’T HE DECLARING HIS LOVE FOR KAME), sex, vodka, partying. Brand new information – there’s NOTHING WRONG with that. But he is also the same down to earth (not just my opinion, plenty of people he’s worked with in the US have praised this particular trait of him), laid back, shy and dorky guy who loves his family and friends fiercely. He’s the same awkward dude who is horrible at expressing himself, gets a bad case of nerves and just doesn’t know how to purposely go all out to please people. He’s still the same Jin who gets all mushy and happy after a simple convo with his mum and dad, so much so that he declares his love for them openly. He’s the same Jin who loves cuddling just as much as making love.

And no, he’s not losing his Japanese roots and kicking Japan aside. Jin himself gave a shout out to whoever mentioned BANDAGE (his solo Japanese works) on the U-Stream chat and talked about his favorite hangouts in Japan. That’s not the behaviour of someone “trying desperately to get rid of his Japanese self”.

I get it if you miss him in KAT-TUN. I get it if you miss him with Kame. I ship Jin/Kame myself, get nostalgic about his times in KAT-TUN too and I miss his projects in Japan. But to put it bluntly, if you can’t deal with it that’s your problem, not Jin’s. You can get emotional but to the point of blaming Jin for that – something you’re probably not even conscious of doing because it’s always so easy to paint him as the bad guy – that’s crossing the line.

Or maybe it’s alright to do that or be rude and not read the atmosphere by throwing out shipper/Akame questions on his live chat because you get a free pass as long it’s KAT-TUN-related. (Funny how no one called these people out, but they’re complaining about Jin not talking about KAT-TUN. Hypocrisy is acceptable, hmm? Just as long as Jin is on the negative receiving end.)

I couldn’t give a damn about haters. If you’re one reading this, congrats on reaching a new level of pathetic, yegga. But seeing people who call themselves fans acting like that – it’s just disappointing.

Jin bb? Congrats on your debut, I’m completely jammin’ to Test Drive! I love that you’re happy and smiling and doing what you love, stepping out to slowly but surely start following your dream. KAT-TUN bbs? Your upcoming single is going to be awesome, you are all doing so well and I will be a proud Hyphen for life – you guys  cemented that for me in the past year or so after Jin left. Fellow fans who can take things in a mature stride and be happy for both sides? Love and respect, y’all, love and respect.


Tôi không hẳn là đồng ýhoàn toàn với bạn ấy * vì tôi cũng thấy vài chi tiết về KT-TUN với Jin trong các PV (có do bản thân tự huyễn hoặc hay không thì không rõ) và Maru, chắc chắn là quá rõ ràng với tình cảm anh ấy dành cho Jin* nhưng tôi nghĩ đây là thứ ta nên đọc 🙂


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